Need campingaz....

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  1. Have you tried? 3000 Gas in Loughborough, I used to get Paraffin from there, they did Camping gas as well.
  2. Garden centres, yacht chandlers, Camping and Caravan Club and other campsites,
    Calor gas depots all sell CampingGaz.
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  3. Yup, because calor are the uk distributor for Camping Gaz. Most calor centres should be able to get them. If they can be arsed...
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  4. Hmmm, this looks like the most favourable option! I’d very much appreciate you bringing one if Mrs B has one...I’ll bring my empty and cash! Just to clarify it’s the 907 size :thumbsup: thanks 4F5E0DD7-99B3-42A0-B618-A598085AAEB1.png
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  5. Thanks everyone!
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    Why would they sell someone else’s products over their own ?
  7. Coz they don't do the 907.
    907's are the commonly available all over Europe and beyond cylinder.
    Calor fittings dont work outside the UK, in the same way Repsol is the big Spanish supplier and so on...
    We reckon all the not for quality 907 cylinders end up in Morocco and further across Africa possibly.
    We bought some proper dodgy '907's' last year, and rejected a few:eek:
  8. At £29 a bottle for the little bottles it must be worth their time.
    Anyway its only butane, and thats the same as Calor Blue.
  9. Yeah, its nuts expensive.
    That's why I fitted the refillable system to Chip and the syncro will be getting the same.
    Now we're back in the UK the I'm cooking in the syncro nearly every day off a 3.9 kg calor equivalent that cost 12.50!!
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    But nobody else will exchange their bottles :(
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  11. I have an empty 3.9kg flogas and a 19kg I can't get rid of!!
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