Need an Automatic/Rental Business start-up.

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  1. What size potential market do you think you will be reaching from a base in Dundee?
    My mum used to live v near, I know it is beautiful but I don't see you getting as many potential 'hirers' as you would if you were based in Glasgow or Oban etc
    Worth speaking to the local tourist information people to establish visitor numbers
  2. You like the admin and the travel, but who will maintain and service your 2 vehicles, sounds to me you don't want to get your hands dirty, so your costs would be high paying others to do it.

    I think its just a dream until reality sets in and you have bills to pay. How are you going to establish the business and promote it, you would need plenty of advance bookings to make the business pay.

    You are up against established businesses with a reputation and an existing customer base. You somehow have to build all that from scratch.

    Maybe you would have to limit your area to Scotland only and if so you would need to identify your competitors in Scotland.

    With the information, you would need a business plan with realistic financials, maybe then you would see if the business is viable.
  3. Enough of my negative posts ....there is a auto bay over for sale on prototype .com and it's on eBay
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  4. Bus is cheap enough to be able to spend a bit and put one in ... It's a RHD auto ....not sure of age as it has later fuel filler and not the earlier flap ....could have been repaired like it ... Again I thought autos were later than 71 ....think it may be a 74 ringer ? Forget that one then ...
  5. Actually it's LHD do defo not suitable
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  7. I agree about the T25. As I mentioned, there is a chap in East Sussex who hires out 2 T25 Autosleeper Tridents. Very practical vans and better to drive than the T2. And they are much cheaper.

    When not on hire he takes one to a few local shows and Brighton Breeze for advertising and promotion.

    My son has a T25 and I like them.
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  9. I read this thread with interest and there are some very good points raised...

    My feeling is that its going to be hard to make this a viable business based on the information provided for a number of reasons, however I do think T25, T4 or T5 is most certainly the way forward. It doesn't sound as if you want the hassle of something like a T2 in terms of maintenance and ongoing repairs, therefore a newer vehicle would be far more practical. However you really need to work out who your customer is, who are you targeting and who are your competitors.

    I wish you well in whatever you decide, and I am sure you will continue to get some good advice from the folks here.
  10. Have you thought about training to be a plumber instead? Train in as little as 5 days and then earn £35k.
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