NEC Resto show 23rd

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  1. its on this weekend :cool:
    anyone going , im there Saturday.....:chewie:
  2. Would like to but it's a case of do I spend a day there or working on the bus. A bunch of mates have a beach buggy display there too.
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  3. Come to volksworld instead, be lovely to meet you
  4. PIE


    Thanks for flagging it up, I may be there Saturday, just need to make a few calls!!
  5. If only...:thinking:
  6. having met art b I can say with a degree of certainty, it wouldn’t! :p
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  7. IMG_20190323_155854162.jpg

    Sold for. £15k...:eek:
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  8. IMG_20190323_120247581.jpg

    Mach one stang barn find..
  9. We saw around 8 buggies..
    They were very impressive..

    The NEC now has led lighting..

    So the metal flake paint looked great..

    All the cars in photos look so much better..
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  10. Great pictures, love the muscle cars, imagine finding that gem in a barn, why am I not that lucky?
  11. Was @Geordie there buying the Trojan and exhibiting ?
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  12. Someone bought both of those trojans in similar state..:hattip:
    From the owners club,
    Going to repair both..:eek:
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