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  1. IMG_20170916_125614.jpg Not a bay but thought some of you may be interested in the whitewalls.

    These are standard commercial tyres with 2.5" band added by Mr Whitewall
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  2. For the cost they are a cheap solution but bear in mind that you have to be very careful driving as any brush with the kerb will ruin them and trying to patch the finish is never successful ... they will also discolour

    I managed a good 6 months on my daily beetle after having them done with him before they were looking really bad.

    They do look better than the porta wall inserts as these discolour badly from the start and the fit is suspect .... the only good insert are these german ones as they have a liner between the whitewall and the tyre ... but you have to use a beauty ring with them ...

    After researching loads on this I came to the conclusion that genuine whitewalls were worth the costs for looks and durability ... 1k for four seems a lot but I suppose with vans making big money now it may be worth it
  3. That put a downer on that !
  4. Saw you the other night bombing along like a nutter lol
  5. Apologies ... that wasn't my intention .. rather I read the post as the OP being interested in having them done ....
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  6. Oh where did you see me? Of course I was within the speed limits :oops:;)
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  7. No. I've just wasted my money getting them done ;)
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  8. just by the lights turning into hornchurch high st from and abs cross
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