My Westfalia 1977 with Fuchs

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by swedenwestfalia, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Our first Bus and we love it..
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  2. what colour is your westy, its a nice shade...suits the fuchs very well
  3. hailfrank

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    that's nice :)
  4. Only colour there is for a westy in my eyes lovely bus 8)
  5. Very nice...
  7. Ahhh cool!! ours is Maringelb all over but faded in comparison to yours!
  8. Yea mine is jafftastic bright 8)
  9. That is a beautiful bus. Mind sharing the suspension details? Are those 17 inch Fuchs?
  10. Oh mycket trevlig!
  11. Very cool. Is there anything fuchs don't look great on?
  12. el


    love it mate love the fuchs
  13. PIE


    The beam looks nice, is it narrowed a bit or is it the offset of the wheels?
  14. Nice van 8)
  15. That is nice, my misses likes jaffa buses but I have not been keen to be honest, but yours looks great.
  16. Thanks for all nice words again....Hope you all forgive me for bad english..

    About 4 inch narrowed beam. And 7*17 repro Fuchs. 205/45-17 tires. But need to buy Drop spindles. Some tips where to buy in Uk and send to sweden maybe?? Quality and price!

    Next thing is to detaile the fuchs wheels. Or not?? ideas??

    Horse shoe back at the bus and same size on tires 205/45-17


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