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    Hey everyone. So this is my pride and joy. His name is George and he is a 1973 poptop camper. He was named after my Grandad George Henry Cartwright Waddle, a WWII army man with the biggest heart (Hence why it had to be Green).
    I have had George the Camper since 12 July 2010 and have already used him on countless camper trips with my wife Ali, we just love being on the road and experiencing new things.

    We now have a baby boy (Josh) and he has camped in it with us a load of times already (Start as you mean to go on). First was when he was 8 weeks old at the TLB Winter Camp in the snow. We also go away most weekends in the summer down to Devon or Cornwall amongst other places. We purchased as a wedding present a week before our wedding. Also taken it to Reading Festival a few times amongst other festivals.

    I have wanted a retro vw camper since I was a kid going on holiday to Newquay and then from the age of 15 wanting one every summer when the long days came along and the feeling of living on the road hit in with tea, beer, sunsets and adventure. Then after another 15 years of waiting when I reached 30 it happened and its been better than I could have ever imagined.

    It was my dad who used to point them out to me when we where on holiday in Cornwall back in the 80s early 90s. When we went to Newquay he always used to call out to me and my brother in the back "kids look here is another old hippy bus" I do the same with Josh already :) also I was inspired by the New Age traveller generation in the 90s and hippy movement in the 60s and look at my bus like a time machine where I can experience a small part of that time.

    I had no idea there was such a ace community of people who shared this dream and am now proud to be a mod and putting into other peoples dreams. In order to keep my bus running I am a full time graphic designer.

    UPDATE: Loads of pics added to Page 4 -

    IMG_4027.jpeg IMG_4018.jpeg IMG_4022.jpeg web-2.jpg web-3.jpg View attachment 55 web-5.jpg web-6.jpg web-7.jpg

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  2. I like it. :D
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    Looks great, I love that colour ;D
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    George looks great!!
  5. I like the inside - and out side ... makes me want to rip my van apart to make it my own
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  11. Love it mate, like the interior too :)
  12. nice colour,like the headliner too 8)
  13. dean_butler

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  14. Love the colour and the interior :)
  15. Such a comfy looking lil bus. It looks very loved. (And in image 4027 it looks very long.)
    Oddly, my favorite part might actually be the random bit of rope on the bumper. It must make drivers behind you wonder,...
    "S'pose that's holdin' the bumper on then?" "Maybe he thinks it looks cool." "Maybe it's his line for hangin' his beach towels to dry & he ran out of places to store it." "Whatever the case, I wish he'd step on it. We could get out & walk faster than this, couldn't we." "Aye."
    The random curiosity of it adds character.
    Oh speaking of rope, I just remembered something you might like. It was on an old Tiki-style surfer bus. The owner had wrapped the steering wheel round & round with pencil-thin hemp rope.
    Instead of becoming filthy and ugly with wear, it actually grew smooth and shiny and developed a nice patina. Might look good on George.
    Just a thought.
    Peace and good bussing,
    )< (- (_ (_ `(
  16. Ooh I love George, his tented ceiling is magnificent!
  17. I haven't noticed any photos with the top up. Is that a dorm top?
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