My recent failure!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Foxy, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Just before the old site crashed I was fairly active on the site getting advice trying to get my bus through it's mot, which it eventually did. After three years off the road, doing most of the work myself I had it running sweet, taxed, insured and had every intension of taking my wife and baby daughter away for a break in the lakes. The day before we left it failed to start and I checked everything but couldn't get to the bottom of it. After a while I admitted defeat and we took the car and tent. We had a brilliant time but I couldn't help thinking about the camper not being with us. It turns out it was the condenser that went...............a
  2. its sometimes good to camp in a tent and it makes you realise how great it really is having a van
  3. What a bummer...
  4. Sometimes we can't see the problem for looking
  6. R u not in the AA ? They probably would have got you going, if not, might be worth joining for the future bud
  7. Dont be too hard on yourself its all part of the learning curve dude
    Keep calm and carry spares is a good motto
  8. dog


    happened to me with my series 3 landy!
    i bet it wont happen again ;)
  9. Can someone enlighten me on how you test a condenser to see if its unsevicable?
    Is it a capacitor?
  10. Yeah I am a member of the aa but it was trying to think logically with the 10 day trip ahead in mind. I will have a better chance to run her in before our august bank holiday trip away........speaking of which, anything going on that weekend?
  13. There used to be a thread with a list of spares to carry, aside from my tools and a jack, I carry
    1/ alternator belt
    3/alternator pulley
    4/rotar arm
    5/ ht leads
    6/oil pressure switch
    7/ oil
    10/spark plugs
    11/distributor cap
    13/rocker cover gaskets
    14/clutch cable
    15 accelerator cable

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