My other German ride.

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  1. Mot next week. 57620B7F-AD2B-4612-AEEB-50057033248B.jpeg Last on the road in 2008.
    Sat in a garage since. I rescued it last year and replaced many parts.
    BMW K75C. 1986.
    Should be a laugh.
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  2. The engines are so smooth and sound great on loud pipes
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  3. I had this dream last night [​IMG]

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  4. Yup, no vibration. Balanced crank. Better than the K100,apparently. Looking forward to riding it.
  5. Rode it, great bike!
  6. B79C64A9-F6D9-4B69-A6AB-013003D20CA8.jpeg For the hell of it.
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  7. BBB3C9CD-BF15-4F68-88D5-37A6A251E55F.jpeg And with my other one...
  8. When you ride it, do you grow a Hitler moustache and assume the pompous, arrogant demeanour of a 1980s traffic cop ?
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  9. No, felt more like Akira.

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