My little Illegitimate child - '73 ex ambulance

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  1. Hi, I would like to show my bay. It's '73 (12.12.72) ex ambulance from finland.
    I'm still working on it but exterior is almost 100% ready.
    Rust is not 'real', it's painted with panit that contains metal flakes that gets rusty.
    There is no engine on yet so rear is high, it looks like hotwheels :)
    DSC02740.jpg DSC02745.jpg DSC02746.jpg DSC02747.jpg
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  2. Merlin Cat

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    Looks good :) do you have any interior in it?
  3. its got potential..:hattip:
    scooby engine ...:D
  4. Painted on rust??
    I can sell you some real stuff if you'd like!
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  5. Hi, no it's not painted on rust :)
    it has some dents in front, and i didn't wanted to replace whole front right now, so i cleaned all rust, painted with epoxide then with oryginal RAL1014 and then i painted with paint that has metal flakes that rusted.
    I'm still working on the interior, I dont have any ambulance interior in the back, so I decided that I will make some camper interior - bed, table, seat - I'm planning to finish whole car at the end of the june.
    Front, drivers cab, is oryginal ambulance grey.
    Engine that I have is type4 1.7 W with djetronic - from 411.
    Unfortunetly computer has some issues so i decided to use Ecumaster fuel implant, det3 becouse it can be used also as standalone. I'm putting there some more modern stuff like edis4 system instead of standard distributor.
    I'll put some more photos soon.

    I'm not sure if I'm getting 'scooby engine' and 'real stuff' right, but I think that it corresponds to 'high', if I'm right then thank you but it's not a problem to get it :p
  6. DSC02822.jpg DSC02829.jpg DSC02833.jpg DSC02837.jpg DSC02838.jpg DSC02841.jpg DSC02843.jpg DSC02848.jpg DSC02849.jpg DSC02852.jpg
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  7. DSC02853.jpg DSC02856.jpg DSC02857.jpg

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  8. some new photos :)

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  9. i restored an original ambulance my self
  10. wow, to whole original state ?
    This one was without any ambulance equipment unfortunately. So it became a camper :)
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  11. I'm still looking for original ambulance t2 interior window, maybe anyone has it ?

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