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  1. Right so I believe I posted of here almost a year ago now and boom that was me away with work of a little while. when I had first posted I only really had a rolling shell of a bay. But now at least its a painted shell, with a view to move on to the engine and the wizardry that happens back there.

    So lets introduce properly this time... My van I still don't have a name for her. But I believe she is a 1973 Automatic, front hinged pop top westie with a type 4 engine? (the question mark is there because I haven't actually had a chance to have a proper look due to work) originally in green and white as stated on the V5. She is also hiding out down in Poole (Dorset) hopefully by the end of summer 2017 anyone in the area might and I use might very loosely see her on the road hopefully by September 2017.

    She was in a bit of a state when I bought her she had been sat outside unprotected for a few years and used as a storage container so the front skin had rusted through as seen in the picture but, that along with both front wheel arches the sliding door seal and a tonne of other pieces had been either fixed professionally or replaced much to my discomfort. I am not one of these OEM people but can appreciate original metal work is hard to come by. Honestly I could go on for page after page what my hero of a body work guy did for me but one I can't remember all of it without looking at the receipt and two I don't want bore you guys.

    My plans are after paint and body work to start work on the engine and transmission, getting that working as reliably as possible to only then start on the interior. Then as you are probably all aware the cycle never stops and a VW is never finished so we shall see where the project take me.
    [​IMG] <Before

    [​IMG] <During paint and body work

    [​IMG] And here she is after the major body work and paint job is finished. Next I do believe the massive hole in the ceiling is due to have the pop top put back in place.
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  2. Looking good..:thumbsup:
  3. Thank you I've just heard that its out of paint so hopefully an update soon :)
  4. Keep it up....... it only gets better once the bodybwork is cracked!
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  5. Looking great! Where'd you get the work done? We're based over in Branksome so might see you out and about (ours is way off yet!).
  6. I am getting the work done down in Poole a place called JM motors or JC motors I can never remember. I couldn't recommend the guys enough everyone I know agrees with me the guy Derryck is an amazing body guy. I made the mistake of giving the guys no time limit so they have had my van a while but i think that one is on me. They are down at 7 willis way in poole, Holes Bay area.
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  7. Is that where concept pop tops are

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  8. The very place but in the top right hand corner as your facing into the little horse shoe.
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