My Datsun 100a 1973 for lasty

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  1. price? sorry if i missed it ill be after a car when my ld is finished and sold
  2. Depends how much work I do prior to sale - got lots of NOS spares too which are fairly valuable - but somewhere between £2000 and £3000.
  3. This was mine when I found it, one owner from new & only 6 thousand miles on the clock, rear seats still had the polythene cover from the factory.

    This was it when I sold it. I've been trying to find it for a year as I want it back.

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    Have you been to any Datsun specific shows? I once saw an old Alfa of mine at an Alfa show, in the car park. Maybe other folk will have seen it around and/or know the owner?
  5. I remember seeing that for sale a while back... have you asked on the Datsun owners forum?
  6. A bit cheeky for a first post, but I stumbled across this thread while searching the net for an E10. Been looking for one for a while to keep my 240Z company. Id be very interested in the the Datty if you're still considering selling
  7. Have sent a PM.
  8. I had a ‘P’ reg Datsun 100A.
    The core plugs blew out of it,due to no antifreeze,one winter,so we put a Datsun Stanza engine in it on the original gearbox.
    Went like stink and would leave Fiesta XR2’s standing.
    Wish I still had it.Great little car!

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