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Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by splitstop63, May 29, 2019.

  1. As you Guys are about one of the best groups on The net & not stuck up
    Your own arses always helpful giving good advice here’s my my project slightly against the grain I know but only slightly lol

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  2. Just registered 1st trip round the block last night dodgie fuel gauge lol also brake cylinder poped I think
  3. Looks good... Love the fact you gave it a blast...them problems are easily sorted mate :)
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  4. What's the plan?
  5. Started building a basic day van also bought Porsche 996 leathers and Fuchs bought a new R&R frame going to run it rat look sick n tired of paranoid not enjoying my painted split so sold it made a nice gear stick

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  6. Sick of dink’s scratches every time I took it out

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  7. JamesLey

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    That gear stick is friggin amazing. Adds another meaning to "Riding Shotgun".
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  8. Love the grease stick as well..

    I hear you about the paint job I've just learnt to live with them and now I just keep on top of them and try and not sweat it... It's hard though

    Honestly if the great stick is anything to go off the rat look is going to look amazing
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  9. jeez are you tooling up for war :eek:

    Ive not seen a gun like that since Lock, Stock & Two smoking barrels :D
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  10. Moons

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    Just pray you don't get a police stop with that....

    We've all felt like needing that gearstick when finding second!
  11. The police proofed it at proof house I’ve got the certificate bless them it’s welded in lol
  12. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    That gear stick is cool as.
  13. STONE HIM - IT’S A EARLY!!!!

    ps. Welcome:)
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  14. An^^^^
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  15. Noooooooooooooooo. I'm such a stickler too!
  16. Brilliant gear stick love it ought to leave empty shell cases all over the floor ...then give a twisted grin when the cops pull you over :D
  17. Lol lol cheers Dude
  18. Will be put 12g nut caps on my Alloys soon
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  19. Welcome aboard
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