My aircooled clan!

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  1. Hey thought i would show what i kick around in see what ya’ll think!

    First up is my montana red patina 68 deluxe sunroof bay (westy hybrid) 2110cc forged engine, super slammed high spec prototype!

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  2. Then my 1959/ 1960 SA CKD rhd ceramic green slammed beetle, semophore model! Sat on og narrowd and banded SA sprints!

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  3. Niiiice :)
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  4. And my newest member ! Early aircooled 1980 hightop. Still in the engine build stage of this one, so not even started on the cosmetic side of things, but i love it already! Not even driven it yet!! was a lime green but someone has painted it beryl green (beetle) colour that i love but its nit the best job and I prefer factory colours! See what happens

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  5. Phew. Glad I got my “niiice” in early!! ;)

    Just kidding :)
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  6. Ha ha ha brilliant
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  7. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Very nice - all of them :)
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  8. Headliner does it for me. Nice!
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  9. Thanks mate
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  10. Cheers mate! Its not the best job but suits the look! And its different
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