My 79 Tintop- Goonerbus

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  1. Van looks great.

    Dicky what is the remote control for the propex? Did you make or buy?
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  2. Its a universal 12volt remote. Two channel. You can use it for anything 12 volt. depends on what heater you have as to how you wire it but basically you wire the relay in exactly how you would the timeclock that propex sell. Mine was a cheap one of the internet. Maplins do similar. So its just a relay in the van and a keyring fob with two buttons on it.
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  3. Excellent thanks I have a Propex Hs2800 (the green one) but I didn't wire it so will have to figure that bit out.

    Any chance you have a diagram?
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  4. Im not familiar with it and it depends on how old it is too as they changed a while back. If I were you I would contact Propex. Explain you want to fit a time clock and they will most likely give you the info. Happy to help at that point and provide some instructions. Early ones are pretty simple in that you are just interrupting the switch wire back from the stat and you can actually switch the power so dead simple but later ones require a permanent feed and you can introduce faults by switching the live feed.
  5. Had a quick look and think on that heater and it could be done by interrupting the jaffa wire. Bear in mind you would need to leave the stat switch in the On position for it to operate that way (ie through the stat)
  6. Dicky thank you for this
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  7. Got one of these through the post today :)

    [​IMG]Is this something you could make @lhu1281 ? Seem a bit scarce over here.
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  8. Been after one for ages but could only find them in Holland from Bus-ok



    Now I can close the door a bit easier on campsites :thumbsup:
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  9. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Got a link to the part Mr G?
  10. I'll have a look, it was a bit of a mare finding it due to my inability to read other languages. I clicked the English button on the site but only half the site got translated.
  11. Not sure why I thought it was from Holland. The site is German, here's a link to the site not sure if it will take you to the item.

    Yep it does. Not cheap almost 16 euro. I'm sure some of the skilled engineers we have on here could knock up this simple bracket.
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