My 79 Tintop- Goonerbus

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  1. Got under the van on Friday and had a go at sealing my heating system up in anticipation for the winter months 😨
    I didn't have any jubilee clips available so I've done a quick fix using foil tape. Whilst underneath I found this badboy hiding
    The corroded pipe above it, I believe is the old exhaust from the eber that was once fitted.
    The fan was so loose it fell off in my hand. I've taken it out as it was not connected to the electrics so not sure if it even works. I'm guessing not, as I stuck my fingers up the pipe( am I in the right thread?) and found a blanking plate inside.
    I managed to seal half of the pipe work before it got too late and thought I would go for a blip up the bypass to see if the air flow was stronger.
    Chucked the kids in the back and about 4 miles into the journey my throttle pedal went flat to the floor and I was stranded in the outside lane of a busy dual carriageway
    Luckily I managed to get a tow to safety from a nice motorist. Breakdown caused by this
    C&C seem to be the only company I could find that had them in stock, I've got a homemade one on until the part arrives, I'm just praying it holds out.
  2. But at least the airflow and heat is a little better :)
  3. looking good...roof liner looks great..
  6. Heres the type clip i used chris i was wrong their is no hole this just sits in the groove with small washer packer behind it.
  8. Just before Christmas I treated myself to a heated windscreen, I was mega excited when I opened the box until I found this
    Poxy courier firms really know how to look after them parcels ehh.
    Luckily the boys at coolair whizzed me out another which was better packed ;)

  9. your getting all the coolio bits nice one in the end chris :thumbsup:
  11. Cracking Bus, keep up the good work :thumbsup:
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  15. Wheres the piccy of it defrosting the windscreen then?

    How easy was the dash top to remove? Is it just bolted through from underneath?
  16. Those connections on your heated screen look better than mine do. :)
  19. Was planning on finishing the propex today but I don't fancy it with all the snow outside ;)
  20. I was just in the middle of an epic Chrisradioman style photo heavy post and tapatalk kicked me out before I pressed send! I'll try again.

    I changed my mind about working in the snow so thought I would crack on with the propex.
    Check out my snow westy roof lol
    A PO did this to my bus
    When I first looked at it I thought they had boxed in the walk through until I did a bit of snooping.
    I've been wondering whether to turn it back to a full bulkhead or walk through, but lack of funds and welding skills and the f act that Its my daily I decided to house my propex between the seats.

    Limited room, front beam, brake hoses and I wanted the gas bottle up front too, this limited where I put it.
    Holes cut


    Cab heat hole

    Heavy mdf panel removed and wires tidied up

    Rear heat hole cut

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