My 2006 European tour

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  1. Service your bus, get the month of august off and drive around Europe taking the small battered signs pointing to campsites, I just did it (2006) drove 3600 miles (yes i know i whent over the oil change mileage) and had a great time and did not get 1 duff campsite, only had 1 minor problem, brake light fitting came adrift fixed with cardboard and duck tape ... [​IMG]

    torquay to dover ( got a free ferry crossing with my airmiles the only thing you can exchange the for without paying a penny), dover - Calais, then up to bruges for an over night stop, then down trough Germany running roughly parallel to the French border heading for Bavaria, unfortunately had to stop myself from going on the Nuremberg ring even though we we only 10km from it, into northern Austria and on to Vienna, down the east side to graz then over the little hills ( i believe they are somsort of mountain range)a little altitude sickness was experenced by my bay but the worst problem was caused by me being tight fisted when it comes to buying fuel !!! the Austrians still sell what equate to 2* ! 90 octane fuel hight up a mountain with a 2l type 4 block is flipping hard work at one point we were in 2nd gear for 45 minuets !!!!! but he did well and didn't get to hot ( i did wuss out and fit an oil temp gauge b4 i set off)then down into the north east coast area of Italy, headed on to lake garda that we had planned to be our half way stop and spent 5 days enjoying the sun food and sights, although we ended up being one of those sights.from lake garda down to the northwest coast of Italy and onward into France, taking in Monaco ( had to drive through the casino tunnel didnt i ) st Tropez etc, headed North the west side of France and up stopping a a few favorite French destinations such as carrcasson Toulouse , la Rochell then back to calias via Disney of course, Calais to dover and an over night stop near hastings saw us back to torquay,

    big tip if you want to go to Disney is Paris hotel accommodation is expensive no matter what the choice of site, in you arrive after 6pm at the gate you can get parked in a specially setup camper park right on the edge of the park with washrooms showers etc and a moving walkway that takes you right in, all this for 20 euro per night (10 euro if you check in the first nigh after 6pm) with no limit to the number of people in your bus !!!!!!! bargain

    in the month traveling in europe we onley saw 5 buses all of them bay windows, so in many places we became a bit of an attraction, traveling through austria and italy it was quite normal for us to be stopped at least once a day from somone to take our picture, we were even snapped going through the mountain tunnels in italy !!

    Here is the rough map of our route

    ???I have to admit my fingers were crossed until we got into Germany, my plan was if anything goes wrong it needed to be in Germany, they built him so i was dam sure they could fix him !!

    we did have 1 minor breakdown , brake light fitting when u/s 2 weeks in & we used 1 ltr more oil than planned (6 ltrs instead of 5) although to be fair we did take him out with an existing oil leak !!

    cost wise crossing we got free through using air-miles but the tunnel is the cheapest £150 return max (high session) spent around £550 on fuel the campsite costs are down to what you want the cheapest site was 7.70 euro the most expensive with bar, super market pools sauna etc was 36 euro per night (although this did include an outdoor Rock opera performed in German ~!! very good though) only other cost is when you are around the pay to use motor ways, we used the free ones then stayed of the toll ones where we could , only resorting to the France ones on route to Paris due to time.

    lake garda - fantastic but a little expensive, Vienna - great city and they loved the bay
  2. Great trip, I done it in 2009 & 2011 :)
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    Looks a brilliant trip. That's the approx route I would like to take but I suspect we'll only reach as far as Switzerland going East.

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