My 1973 Hi top Resto

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Carl1974, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. 2013-04-07 14.12.10.jpg 2012-08-22 14.26.11.jpg 2012-08-22 14.26.39.jpg 2013-04-07 14.12.10.jpg 2013-04-07 11.40.35.jpg 2013-04-07 14.11.54.jpg 2013-04-07 14.12.02.jpg 2013-04-05 14.55.17.jpg Had van just under a week, still trying to get engine running, she turns over and there's a spark but not firing. Haynes manual arrived so should help! Had a quick look at the front brakes (discs) seem to be working just a bit rusted. Ripped interior out pleaseantly surprised floor not too bad. Gonna check out the rear brakes this weekend and hopefully get the engine fired up!
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  2. Oh what a sorry looking bus! Is that an accident write off per chance? Good luck with it btw
    Take the air filter off , pour some petrol down it or better spray easy start or carb cleaner down it, then run around quickly and turn it over - see what happens
  3. Good tip, thanks. Yes it was a Category C extensive damage as they in the insurance industry would refer to it.
  4. Front Panel arrived, hoping to get it on this week...

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  5. Managed too remove engine just getting all the bits needed for replacement and then mate it up.
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    Engines in and had it running briefly altho not sounding great! Vans now up unit so can crack on with all them jobs!
  7. Take more pictures and learn to waffle. ;)
    Don't give up on the engine too quick. A mere exhaust leak can make it sound like a bag of spanners. ;)

    Quick check for the block - avail yourself of any piece of wood approx 2ft long and 1cm sq (ish).
    Place one end against block and other against ear while engine running. You can do same for heads. For leaks use a bit of pipe.
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  8. Nice big workshop you've got there, looks well equipped :p

    Regarding the engine, sounds something simple.....crap in the carb..... but only do this once per week. bdm-tish! :D

    As said if you've got a spark at the plugs, pour some petrol to help it along, theres a good chance it was running ok when it got hit.

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