My 1970 bug

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  1. My bay had an extra light on the dash but my 88 caravelle has nothing.
    If one of the trailer indicators was out then the light on my bay wouldn't flash so i assume thats what it was for. Might fit one anyway as its only 5 wires.
  2. Stuck the door back and it now looks like this:
    2019-09-12 15.51.56.jpg
    Still needs the striker and door seal fitted but its a lot better than it was.

    Bolted the battery into place. Even though its a 60Ah jobby its still slightly smaller than the boat battery it ran with for years so i had to modify the clamp slightly to hold it.
    2019-09-12 15.08.33.jpg

    Made a couple of aluminium mounting brackets for my old Rexton 8 track player.
    2019-09-12 15.52.26.jpg
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  3. Sanded the paint off the spare wheel.
    2019-09-14 14.53.40.jpg

    Date stamped 3/70 same month and year as the bug was made. :)
    2019-09-14 14.53.11.jpg
    Hugely wide 4".:lol:
    2019-09-14 14.52.25.jpg

    Gave the inside a coat of red oxide.
    2019-09-14 15.58.56.jpg
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  4. Can’t wait to see this bug out in the open. When do you think this will be?
  5. Good question.
    Theres the other door to adjust, the bonnet to respray and the ignition timing to set and thats about it. Then it can be booked in for an MOT.
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  6. Bit of black gloss thrown onto the inside of the spare this afternoon.
    2019-09-15 13.56.07.jpg
  7. Fitted the door seal and striker this afternoon. Door now needs a helluva slam to get it to latch now. Gonna leave it shut for a while and see if it compresses the seal a bit before i adjust the door and striker again. Fits nicely and lines up at the swage line OK too.
    2019-09-16 14.40.14.jpg

    £2.99 spray paint from Lidl for the spare wheel. Seeing as the EMPI replicas are grey it doesn't matter too much that the spare isn't silver.
    2019-09-16 17.00.44.jpg

    Drilled the holes for the 8 track mounting brackets and didn't manage to hit any wiring behind the dash so i class that as a win. Realised i can't reach both the nut and the screw at the same time as i don't have Mr Tickle arms so i can't fit it without help. :(
  8. Bit of red oxide on the outside of the spare. Once its hardened i'll give it a sand and spray on the silver grey, though its mostly just the colour of primer.
    2019-09-17 11.49.59.jpg
  9. Not really silver grey, more primer grey.
    2019-09-18 14.43.16.jpg
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  10. Spare wheel back in its rightful place. Stone guard needs something on it as it looks a bit plain. Maybe a 70s AA badge?
    2019-09-20 14.12.20.jpg
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  11. Looks like this is about as good as i can get the passengers door at the moment. After it being sat shut for 5 days its compressed the seal enough to not need a massive slam to latch.
    2019-10-02 14.45.43.jpg

    2019-10-02 14.46.04.jpg

    2019-10-02 14.45.57.jpg
  12. That looks a lot better than how it started
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  13. Probably better than how it came out the factory. Looking good mate.
    I'll have the same fun on our bug I suspect. Hoping to make a little start on it this weekend.
  14. It really needed a new door but i couldn't find one locally and they were silly money (£150+) on ebay needing the bottom replacing. Theres a few NOS ones for £600 which is just stupid.
    Finally got the clips fitted to the door panels but the new clips i bought seem to be made of cheese or something going by the amount i broke just putting them in the holes in the door panels.:rolleyes:

    Fran has offered (after asking her about 10 times over the past couple of weeks) to help fit the brackets for the 8 track as long as she can sit while screwing in the bolts.
  15. Finally got the door put back together. Just needs the kamei door pocket fitting.
    2019-10-03 16.04.02.jpg
    8 track player fitted under the dash.
    2019-10-03 14.54.00.jpg
    Found some odds and sods.
    2019-10-03 15.45.18.jpg
  16. Adjusted the drivers door a bit to see if i could get it to close without the top corner hitting the B pillar.
    Still catches and needs to go forwards bu about 2-3mm. I repaired the top hinge mounting plate on the A pillar and its about 2mm proud of where it should be so i'll remove the door and grind down the welds a little more.
    Gaps are OKish (maybe a bit tight but ho hum) if you lift the door to close it.
    2019-10-05 13.56.19.jpg

    Gap is wider at the top that bottom on the A pillar.
    2019-10-05 13.57.24.jpg

    Fitted the door panel, winder handle and door pull so it at least looked like i'd accomplished something.
    2019-10-05 14.47.27.jpg

    Tried the electrics. With ignition turned on gen light comes on and nowt else. Oil pressure guage goes full scale and only wipers, interior light and horn work. HRW relay clicks under back seat when switch is pressed but no light in speedo. No indicators or head, tail or brake lights. I've cocked something up somewhere.
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  17. Spent the afternoon working through the electrics.
    The wire from the oil pressure gauge to the sender is broken somewhere as theres no continiuty so i need to figure out how to run a new wire for that.
    The headlights now work on dipped and sidelights, though they won't switch to main beam.
    LHS tail light works but RHS one blows the fuse so hopefully its just come loose from the connector in the engine bay and is shorting out. Taillight connectors look OK.
    Hazard switch flashes with both the ignition on and also off, though only the LHS rear indicator bulb flashes so something is up there.
    Oil warning light was just a blown bulb so i swapped it for another and it now comes on with the key.

    Found out the klaxon horn is something to never use inside a garage as its so loud it nearly makes your ears bleed. :eek:
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  18. Bipassed the flasher relay joining terminals 49 to 49a together and with the ignition switched on and the hazards used the LHS work (but obviously don't flash) but the RHS don't light at all.
    Plugged the wires back onto the flasher relays terminals and the LHS flash fine but nothing on RHS. Indicator stalk only woks the LHS too.
    Warning light in speedo flashes now though. :thumbsup:
    Looks like theres a disconnected wire or two somewhere in the RHS indicator circuit.
    Haven't managed to check out the rear rhs tail light wire yet. Seems a lot of the new terminals i fitted to the wires are slack so need a slight pinch with some pliers to stop them falling off on their own. :rolleyes:

    Still need to work out why the headlight flasher doesn't work. The relay is getting power otherwise the dipped beam wouldn't work but it looks like it gets a signal at hte S terminal from the S terminal on the indicator stalk. Haven't managed to get that far into the wiring yet.

    Wiring diagram is a bit more complicated after i added the extras. :eek:
    1970_VW_Type_1_Poster copy2.jpg
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  19. Fitted the door pocket for Fran's road trip sweets. May need to be a bit bigger. :thinking:
    2019-10-08 13.26.42.jpg
    Sorted out the indicators and hazard lights so they all flash when they should, as does the warning light in the speedo.
    Turns out the headlight flasher is missing a live wire to its terminal 30 but none of the wiring diagrams i have show it and the loom was missing one. Ran a test with a test wire and it all works fine so i just need to add a wire somewhere. :thumbsup:

    Bridged the two connections on the brake light switch and the lights work as they should so its a dead new switch. Too late to return it and i've no idea where it came from anyway. :(
    Still need to work out where the rhs tail light and number plate light is shorting out and blowing the fuse too.
  20. Moved the bug away from the wall and fitted the 4th alloy.
    2019-10-09 16.37.17.jpg
    Finally worked out what was popping the tail light fuse. I replaced a broken connector for the number plate light with a new one and it turns out all 4 terminals are connected together internally on this one rather than it being 2 pairs like the old one. :rolleyes:
    2019-10-09 13.57.55.jpg

    2019-10-09 13.57.59.jpg

    I now have the sidelights and taillights, main and dipped headlights, reverse light and spot lights and indicators and hazards all working as they should.
    Just the fog light and brake lights and the instrument illumination to sort out now. HRW still isn't putting the warning light on in the speedo and as its wired in series its safe to assume the HRW doesn't work either.
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