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  1. Got given a chunk of plexiglass/perspex/acrylic/whatever its called so made it into a beetle bouncer style stone guard.
    Still needs a bit more shaping and some smoothing of the cut edges then a gentle bend to match the curve of the front bumper.
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  2. I bought a couple of those back in the 80s. I even had a tinted one. Looked smart.
  3. If it saves some of the paint chips from the leading edge of the bonnet i'll be happy.
  4. Just needs the edges sanding and polishing and then it needs heating up so i can bend it to fit the profile of the front bumper.
    2019-06-05 15.35.31.jpg
    This is the Beetle Bouncer logo that was on them back in the day. I'd like to make something similar but not sure what.
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  5. Clamped into place on the front bumper and heated with a blowlamp. Once cooled again it seems to keep the bend in it. Playing the flame along the cut edge melts it slightly and makes it clear and shiny again too. :thumbsup:
    2019-06-06 16.58.27.jpg
    Workbench might need a bit of a tidy up though. :oops:
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  6. Managed to find 8 of the 10 running board trim clips i need so only managed to get 1 chrome trim attached. :(
    2019-06-08 14.09.53.jpg

    Attempted to measure the roof for the headlining again but got another set of measurements that are different from the first 2 times I measured. :rolleyes:
  7. 7 weeks until Tatton and theres still a fair bit to do. Not sure i can be bothered though. Might just come down in my bay again and take it next year instead.

    So far this is what i can work out still needs doing:
    Headliner still needs making and fitting.
    Carpet on centre tunnel and floor mats need making.
    Front seats and door panels need fitting.
    Doors and running boards need fitting.
    Silencer and engine needs fitting.
    Alloys still need a sand, paint and polish plus i need a centre cap like this as i'm missing one.
    WhatsApp Image 2017-10-11 at 17.52.50 (2).jpeg

    Managed to get some shocks off facebook, i've got a silencer off a mate in our local vw club and i pick up a decent front bumper next weekend.

    Still need to buy a set of tyres too. Tempted to give these Blacklions a try as the seem to get pretty good reviews for a budget tyre and are a decent price. Michelins are never gonna be in the budget.
  8. Fitted the running board on the drivers side.
    2019-06-14 15.58.16.jpg

    And the rear arch gravel guard after supergluing the seal to the top of it (and the superglue tube to my fingers). :rolleyes:
    2019-06-14 15.58.21.jpg
  9. My front shocks arrived this morning so i cleaned them up and gave them a couple of coats of bright red spray enamel to tidy them up.
    2019-06-15 14.14.34.jpg
    2019-06-15 14.14.28.jpg
    Got the carpet fitted under the bonnet too.
    2019-06-15 16.08.13.jpg
    Quite pleased with the outcome from £20 of carpet. Much better than the £40 cardboard ones for sale from the major parts suppliers.
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  10. Bolted the front shocks on. Looks like i've overtightened the nut on the top of drivers side as its squished the rubber bushing out and cracking it. :oops:
    2019-06-17 13.27.32.jpg

    2019-06-17 13.45.46.jpg
  11. Thats better. :)
    2019-06-18 14.54.16.jpg
    Still can't get the adjusters in the Puma beam to move any further up so its sat about 1.5" lower than stock. With front end on axle stands the wheels won't drop any further even with the adjusters nuts and plate removed completely. :confused:
    2019-06-18 14.40.57.jpg
  12. Picked up a silencer for the bug last night. Needs the heat riser block off plates removing but its solid and only has a few patches of surface rust. Gonna be nice with the taper tips i have. :)
    2019-06-19 09.49.08.jpg
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  13. Few stickers.
    _20190619_163831.JPG _20190619_163930.JPG _20190619_164004.JPG _20190619_164041.JPG
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  14. 2019-06-20 16.09.32.jpg
    2019-06-20 14.26.42.jpg
    2019-06-20 14.00.38.jpg
    Remember Humphrey?
    2019-06-20 16.09.08.jpg
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  15. Looking forwards to firing it up. Been too long since it was run last. Only problem is the garage isn't wide enough to get the engine past the car with the exhaust fitted. :rolleyes:
    Looks pretty as an ornament though.
    2019-06-20 16.08.53.jpg
  16. Exhaust clamps arrived in the post this morning but i'll need to have a shuffle around in the garage to create some space so i can move the bug forwards and get the engine to the right end of the garage.
    Atleast that way i can chuck it on my engine stand, open the garage doors and fill the neighbourhood with the sound of a flat 4. :)
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  17. Picking up my front bumper from Warrington on sunday morning. Makes visiting Fran's relatives a little more bareable. ;)
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  18. Viva la Warrington ;)
  19. Bumper isn't perfect but its 100x better than the non chrome one i already have. Gonna give it a going over with autosol.
    2019-06-25 16.18.00.jpg
    Got given these chrome interior door pulls too. :)
    2019-06-25 16.17.34.jpg
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  20. Bumper has had a couple more hole drilled in it and filed out square to bolt the kamei spoiler to it.
    Gave it a coat of bonda primer then a couple of coats of silver when it was dry.
    2019-06-27 15.58.38.jpg
    2019-06-27 17.40.25.jpg
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