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  1. mmmm, quite possibly. Throw in a bit of punk, northern soul, 60s garage, maybe a dash of MOTR rock / heavy metal, and then add a pinch of jazz, easy listening, and maybe a small splash of folk.... yep that's just about me ;)
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  4. I was talking to my neighbour a couple of hours ago and he has offered me back stage access for UB40s (okay, not the worlds best example of reggae) NEC gig in December - he is their keyboardist. I just need to see if he remembers as last time he snowed under with family wanting to go. Fingers crossed
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  5. Awww, I'm telly @Marzydj :p

    surely you men Buzzcocks? :confused:
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  6. :D that made me *nearly* spit out my gin! :D

    same here, i just like's what i likes and that changes depending on day/mood/weather.. :D
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  7. you drink as well nasty women lol i like a g an t too
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    A bit more reggae :)

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  9. Saw ub40 in Tenerife this year , nice time . Granted my tickets were free as well. My ex guitar player was in the warmup band ,,, 27E8EDAC-289B-4AA0-BEE0-5508DE2B2077.jpeg
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  10. ha ha ha glad you didn't waste the gin ;)
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  11. i only started drinking since coming on TLB/meeting this lot!

    *practices innocent face*
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  13. Ali or Robin version? Guessing from the photo possibly the Ali version as I don't think that is my neighbour on keyboard there.
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  14. NEVER! am rewarding myself after nearly finishing a coat (just hand finishing to do- bit fiddly so will do in daylight), making some armwarmers, designing next coat and cutting bodice pieces and designing/prepping a hat ready to sew *smug face*

    the scary nit is that this time next week it'll all be over *EEEEK!*
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    And now one from the next band I’m going to see :)

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  16. :lol::lol::lol:

  17. Early West coast.
    Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Byrds, Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Love, Beach Boys, Jan and Dean.Mama Cass and the Surfaris with Wipeout!!
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  18. Blimey, when you actually get down to the sewing you do crack on. Bravo! Do we get photos at some point?
    motivational music is obviously the answer!!
    On the other hand, I'm supposed to be wrapping a mountain of ebay stuff, but instead am dancing around the room and tripping over things.... :D
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  19. Sounds like your on the gin too!:rolleyes:
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    Have you listened to Ferocious Dog yet Alex?
    Been to see them a few times in the last couple of years - if you like the levellers you’ll love these - they have an alldayer on the 1st of Dec - in Warsop near Mansfield lots of similar genre bands .. should be good
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