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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, Nov 17, 2018.

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  2. loved them... though it always reminds me that when i bought the album my mate steve borrowed it and never gave it back. I reminded him a few years ago when he was a big shot on radio 5 live.

    I have an excellent memory, especially for betrayal o_O
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  3. Yes, that's gooood!
    I think if we've discovered nothing else on here tonight (and on a few other nights!) we have wide reaching taste.
    Can I post Herb Alpert now?! :oops:
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  4. nice type 3 in it
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  5. good dungarees too! i do like a nice pair of dungy's
  6. so comfy
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  7. Yeah, I do like that one - although I prefer the earlier stuff - 'Searching for the young soul rebels' is one of my top 10 albums. 'Geno' for the win ;)
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  8. ron


    yes varied but classics are best though

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  9. Ha ha ha ha ….'It's later than you think....' This is becoming a bit of a theme ;):D
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  10. winding down now so a bit of stevie and wondering where my copy of talking book has gone
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  11. yup! only here once :D
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  12. oooh full album on youtube... was always the album of choice after dinner parties/gathering at my house as folk were winding down, falling asleep on the sofa's and there was still chatting to be done and brandy to be consumed :)
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  13. Good choice, I've got Art Garfunkel's version on my ipod, but actually Stevie's version is fab too (might have to dig out 'Talking Book' again)
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  14. ron


    lights out - really fire flickering relaxing winding down

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  15. it is a bloody good album, am listening to it now and remembering all the chilled convos - and my fabulous stack system that i got rid of :( I knew far too many sound engineers in notts to not have a good system. now realising they were right because this album doesn't sound quite so good now. bugger.
  16. Hmmmm, winding down....
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  17. niiiiice.

    see you on the flip side :)
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  18. Sleep well. G'night x
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  19. well i was all chilled but telling chickpea 'it's bedtime' made her go loopy. she's now running round the house, skidding on floors and jumping on and off the furniture!
    bonkers moglin:rolleyes:
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