Mushroom time [emoji265]

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  1. I must get myself a book on mushrooms & what’s edible
    Any recommendations?
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  2. [​IMG]

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  3. They look like Parasols? Edible if they are :thumbsup:.

    But I wouldn't :D
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  4. [​IMG]

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  5. The ones in the first picture that is.
  6. Look for some ceps. A fairly safe bet if you find em

  7. Made a soup with them last night. Bit of crispy smoked bacon and a crusty baguette delcieux :)
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  8. The parasol is edible ...but there is one very similar ...which from memory on what i read in a book changes to a pink colour when the cap is separated from the stem . Don't Know how toxic the non edible one is .
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  9. If in doubt - don't
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  10. Yeh, ceps AKA Penny Buns , AKA Porcini are the ones to go for. Quite easy to identify and the most tasty.
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  11. This is the best book to go by- and you can see a nice fat Penny Bun on the front cover

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  12. Google mushroom fungi foray in your local area and you will get a guided forest hunt, loads of them through Britain now
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  13. I have that one :thumbsup:
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  14. And it appears that you’re still alive, so the book worked:D
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  15. Try the magic ones...
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  16. Mm, Fly Agaric, you’d be crapping through the eye of a needle, while looking for a girl with collider scope eyes.
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  17. Shaggy Ink Caps can be eaten when young before they go inky ....but apparently not to mixed with alcohol ...don't know what is supposed to happen to you .
    A mate of mine did eat some when drunk , but said nothing happened But he was drunk ...prehaps he was sick outside and forgot .
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  18. Yeah, not fly garics.
  19. Isn’t he a rapper?
  20. I really really wouldn't know snotts ......but iam sure they will be toxic