Mull May 2014

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by paulcalf, Apr 6, 2014.

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    Epic trip and great pictures
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  2. Great write up and lovely sunset pics! Well jealous! More!
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  3. great write up , glad you had a good time...
    bus behaved alright ...?
  4. Paley, my van loved the roads especially the Loch Na Keal to Calgary rd, my girlfriend didn't love that road as much!
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  5. The bus behaved itself very well. It back fired a few times when going down hill, but that was about it. I had to keep slowing down on the Motorways as the van wanted to go faster than i thought sensible. The oil didn't even hit 100C despite 4 hour motorway cruising at the speed limit. I gave it a big kiss when it got me safely back to Sheffield!
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  6. Ace write up. We are off to Ardnamurchan and Mull soon for a two week tour. I'll be using some of your info :)

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  7. Great write-up.

    Hoping to do Mull the next time we get a chance so this is really hand. Ta.
  8. Corona Times Bump.

    Where will you go when this is all over - get planning people.

    This trip is very doable in a week/10 days.
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