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  1. Have there ever been any Late Bay mugs? - the ceramic kind :rolleyes:

    I am organising getting some done through a contact for club 80-90 at the moment, and I could enquire about some Late Bay ones. I think for the best value, the minimum order for the club would be 200, though they can be order in smaller units.

    Let me know :thumbsup:
  2. We got half a dozen mugs from Vistaprint for the people who bought our pups. We uploaded our own artwork on the interweb and the mugs arrived a few daya later. Only about three or four quid each iirc.
  3. @Louey

    Yes there was, many years back. I don’t know if Hailfrank has any call for them these days.
  4. You can never have enough mugs ;)

    I’d be interested.

    Only 199 to go.

  5. 197 :thumbsup: I'll have two
  6. Put me down for 2, if these go ahead.
  7. Doesn't look like, a bit of apathy on here. The club 80-90 forum ones reached the target and are being produced.
  8. I'll take a couple.
  9. I'd take a couple.
  10. Two for me please:) But having been to techenders perhaps pint glasses might be more appropriate!:beer:
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  11. Moo

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    Put me down for one! :thumbsup:
  12. Having seen what style of mugs have turned up for the 80-90 mob I need to speak the supplier before I commit to anymore.

    They seemed a bit dainty, though they were porcelain and UK made.

  13. jivedubbin

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    Dainty ?
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  14. [​IMG]

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  15. Hardly what I’d call a mug
  16. Pint jugs!

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