Mr Happy rides again! (Mostly)

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  1. This is our lovely late bay, Mr Happy. He’s manufactured in ‘72 and first registered in July ‘73. Not much to say about him, except he causes us equal measures of frustration, joy, consternation and pure unadulterated love! Yeah, you got it ... when he works, all is bliss, when he doesn’t, all is fury. With an almost new VW Heritage 1641 (10k so far), newly re-routed fuel lines, stripping out of electronic ignition and flamethrower and replacing with points etc., he runs beautifully. Need to change starter motor (+ bush) this coming weekend, then we’re finally ready for a hopefully trouble-free summer :) Any comments gratefully received, any advice humbly accepted, any criticisms fiercely refuted! All the best and happy travels for us all, Phil. 9E81C416-F322-4B00-A89B-49F9510432D0.jpeg C8289BD1-1EFA-4E74-B8A7-56A2BACBBA05.jpeg BA7D70A6-9959-40A2-A06C-A5889BE5272D.jpeg C06F4EE6-A024-4321-AF8E-75CFA25341FF.jpeg 5C545902-1BA1-486A-8EB6-F811631789CA.jpeg

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  2. Looks a nice bus with original interior - ours is similar vintage (May 73 build - reg August 73) but original interior has gone. Note your engine bay lid is later hinge type - I've just had to replace mine with original hinges.
  3. Your number plate is very near to our van’s. OMG 787L.

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  4. Thanks cunny44 - your knowledge is much greater than mine, but I’m on a sharp learning curve! If you’re at Techenders in sept, or VW Fabfest in August, come and find us - the kettle is always on :thumbsup: Phil
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  5. It is close James Ley, but whereas you have the txtspeak for disbelief, I lucked out with Obsessive Compulsive Groaner :confused: Cheers, Phil
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