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Discussion in 'Cornwall' started by the banker, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. Well after 340 pretty uneventful miles we have made it to St Ives. It was a bloody long way on one of the hottest days of the year. The camper performed admirably with le puck on the back although the hills around Okehampton were a bit of a challenge on the A30. Still all set up at Polmanter for 2 weeks. More stuff on the blog eventually!
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  2. The forgotten picture

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  3. :chewie:
    well done ...
  4. *waves from up a bit *
  5. Top marks mate , those bloody hills through Okehampton are nuts my van hates them enjoy your holiday and I must say Cornwall and this weather no better place to be , I'm so jellouis .
  6. photos of the puck tooo me hopes ! Yes I am not ashamed to admit I am a puck lover ! CARAVAN
  7. There is something soooo wrong with this holiday. Normally by now we are up to our knees in mud and starting to go mouldy. Here we are wall to wall sunshine with a great breeze coming off the sea. We are bound to wake up soon and realise it was just a dream!
    Anyway there are a couple of blog updates for anyone interested
  8. After gradually losing the ability to idle Mr Happy paid a quick visit to Evil Ben's in Truro for a carburettor blow through resulting in a much happier camper and driver!

    I then got a case of split screen porsche engined envy in Perranporth Although it was amusing watching it going crab like over speed humps!
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  9. where next
  10. Unfortuntely we are now committed pretty much every weekend up to and including Busfest :(.
    So the best we may be able to do is a quick weekender close to home late in September.

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