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Discussion in 'Restorations' started by vw newbie, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone this is my first post loving the site and learning new stuff every day lol
    had my camper 12 months now and starting to get stuck in with repairs, i have now got my first question of many here we go.
    Ive cut all the floor out the loading area to expose all the top hats ect and my sills are knackered too so also been cut out and i need to replace one jacking point
    the question is can i replace the top hat ends and jacking point then start fitting inner sill or do i need to leave one jacking point off while i do the sill
    reason i ask is i read somewhere you have to remove atleast one jacking point to fit inner sill

  2. Jacking points sit on top of the sills so youll need to chop at least one out.....i know this coz im already into the same job lol
  3. Ok brill its just i tried a trial fit of the inner sill and where the step down is half way along it it doesnt sit on top of the top hat which i think it should
    my rear most jacking point and out rigger is knackerd any way so ile chop them out
    thanks for the info much appreciated
  4. Just checked your thread luis keep up the good work ile be looking back from time to time to see what the hell im doing haha,seens im doing same thing at the mo lol
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    Welcome to the forum, this thread is a bit light on pictures at the moment?
  6. Haha cheers i know ile sort it out i promise
  7. Well that didnt work
  8. Having trouble uploading pics
  9. a ha at bloody last
    mr blue as my son calls him before daddy got carried away with the angle grinder
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  11. and then i decided to start lol
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