Mr.beams camping light.

Discussion in 'Camping Accessories' started by Clive Neilands, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. Looks good, I need something to replace my 25 year old strip light lantern.
  2. Ja,looks like a lekka one boet! Im thinking of buying one for an wedding anniversary gift for the wife,maybe im pushing the boundaries a bit?....
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  3. An engagement present for your wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
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  4. Bit steep at £30!
  5. The light or spending that much on the mrs ;)
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  6. £10 max on either!
  7. I have one of them already,they are very good!
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  8. D batteries cost a million pounds. Would rather it be rechargeable but it does look good.
  9. A million pounds! whoa! thats a deal breaker then!
  10. Clive, all these people are as always, wrong.
    We have a white one & used it all last year on the same set of batteries - they're still in it.
    We didn't know how long they'd last and bought two sets, the second is in the glove box - eight quid a set I think.
    I haven't used it to re-charge a phone because I can plug the phone into the fag lighter on the bay but we've used it as the main lighting inside the van.
    It's got a bright setting & a dimmer one, the dim is fine in such a small space for a couple of folk say about drinking, but you can turn it up if you need to look for anything. It works for an hour and then flashes, if you don't press the switch it will go off to stop it flattening itself whilst unattended.
    It's Brilliant.
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  12. A quick update to this, three years on and Mr Beams is still our main source of light in the parked up bus when not hooked up. I have recharged a phone or two with it, I have dropped it and it is STILL on its original set of batteries. The spares are still in the glove box.
    Mr Beams is for Winnahs.
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