Movember 2013

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lord Charles, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Lord Charles

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    I'll have you know that all vessels are sanitised before use and at no point did my penis enter any brewery orifice.
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    That makes me feel so much better, let me know when it's bottled up and ready for export:thumbsup:
  3. Me and my mates attended the Birmingham Gala party on Friday............and we only went and bloody won best team!!!
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  4. Lord Charles

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    That is brilliant well done chaps.
  5. Well done everyone. And well done team captain :thumbsup:

    This is actually day 30 +3 cos I couldn't post a photo earlier, starting to get a bit of twirl on the ends. Not getting rid of the mo just yet, have had one for a few years but been clean shaven for best part of the year. Quite attached now....

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  6. Lord Charles

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    We can unsticky this now.
  7. :eek: so they were just stick ons:eek:
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    Your wish is my command, your Lordship :hattip:
  9. Lord Charles

    Lord Charles Day's Away Mod

  10. Sadly joined the forum too late, but shall join in with you genst next year, some spiffing examples.


    I do cheat and shave my beard off to find a tash every year, its still there now though havent cut it back, just growing the beard back underneath.
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