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  1. Hi, we converted a lwb VW crafter last year, it was fab until the mould started, so we have been advised to add a new heat recovery system to vent humid air and bring in warm air, we already have an eberspacher D2 on board and so are set for heat, we are really struggling to find anyone who has used a HRS in their camper, and thought someone here might know if they are useful? We have stripped all the mouldy insulation out and got back to a bare panel van sadly, so can install easily, be great to hear from anyone with advice.

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    Most heat recovery systems in vehicles pull heat from the engine or exhaust....what will yours need to pull heat from?

    My company have fitted many a can heater to trucks, never been asked to fit a heat recovery system though.

    Mould is usually caused by poor ventilation, if you have a night heater I'd work on ventilation as a priority, rather than what I think you've been advised to do which is bring in more heat in a more efficient way.

    Happy to be corrected on my assumptions.
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  3. @O.W.E have a look on Green Building Forum ... Last time I looked (about five years ago) there was a system called FiWi or fine wire, and a ceramic version, also some use of synced in/out 12v fans, designed to create a high surface area for heat exchange in a compact unit.
    They were aimed at getting away from all the ducting and just having a through the wall unit .... On my stupidly long "to do" list is to adapt this for a bus, ( box with copper foil set out to make two adjacent long paths for the air coming in and going out)
    I wouldn't be surprised if things have moved on a bit and there's already something available, at sensible prices, that wouldn't take much alteration. :thumbsup:
    Edit .... Quickest of Googles:
    for example?
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  4. Mould and damp can be cured by using a dehumidifier or a cheaper version a box with crystals in
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