FOR SALE Motordome Sleeper Awning, plus tourer for parts

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  1. I have a good condition Motordome Sleeper Awning, that "the management" has decided is just too big for us two.

    In fairness it is quite large, not Albert Hall large but I think the main bit is 3.8 mtrs square and then it has an extra 2 bedroom annex on the back.

    The pictures are stolen of tinternet, the weather is not conducive to putting up an awning on my own in the garden, if someone wants to see it we can put it up no problem.

    This, I think is the 2014 Model without the tunnel door, professionally photoshopped in red for illustration :D.

    It does come complete with inner sleeping compartment like the one pictured, a groundsheet (extra £60 when bought) as pictured and a rail and clamps to drop into the gutter.

    Good nick, all there. Carry bag, some pegs etc etc. Little use.

    These are still on sale for £1000, which is eye wateringly expensive.

    Anyway we (the royal we) have seen a smaller one we! would like so this is for sale to part fund that.

    £250 ish, Talk to me, make an offer I don't bite........hard.

    Also included for free is the Motordome Tourer that I got given by Mattlad. This is the smaller one without the bedrooms. It is ripped. I have spent vast sums of my hard earned (who am I kidding, it's not hard earned) on tape and patches and as the pictures show it has stood up all summer. I got it for spares before this covid thing kicked off. The poles, knuckle joints etc etc are the same as the good one so can be used for parts or actually it can be used. It's like me, it functions but ain't pretty. Comes in a bag with some pegs and few spare bits and an inner tent.

    Collection from Sherborne, Dorset or I can possibly meet around the south west as I travel for work.

    If you are super quick it "may" be possible to get them to techenders, but you have to be quick as it would be brought by someone else.

    PM me on here if you want any other info or pictures.



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  2. @paneuropaul ... did this every sell, asking as I have a similar condition Tourer to get rid of.
    If it hasn't, you've had a free bump.
  3. Gone, thanks though.
  4. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like a free bump?

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  5. Ooo err misses
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