Motor home / camping TV/DVD.

Discussion in 'Camping Accessories' started by vinnyboy, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Was thinking about getting a tv/DVD player for van. Anyone got opinions on the best makes, size etc. Thanks.
  2. iPad....
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  3. Sadly lacking the DVD slot!
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  4. Agree iPad, use Wifi or 4g hotspot to watch live and download your movies before you go. ...... or better still leave all electronic devices at home and enjoy the great outdoors
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  5. I know I'm living in the past, but I do have a lot of DVD,s to watch but never have time. I've already got an iPad mini but it's too small. Would like to have more one or two nighters this year and catch up.
  6. Laptops a good option plus you can get a tv dongle.
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  7. Thought about this, but don't need a lap top for any other reason and the cheaper ones don't seem very good at playing dvds
  8. I`ve got one of these :-

    Matched with one of these :-

    A great combo and REALLY good reception wherever i`ve been pitched - set up the TV with the ariel , retune it to the area and off you go :thumbsup:

    I`m not a big fan of taking a telly away and only use it occasionally when on my own and there`s something i really want to watch , TT or the TDF perhaps ?

    DVD slot if you`re really bored ...

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