Mork's Clumber Park pics

Discussion in 'Show Event Photos' started by MorkC68, Feb 11, 2012.

  2. Clumber is good, or Rufford?
  3. were in
  4. Yer in early. So its a 40th birthday bash at Clumber then. - October?
  6. good idea lets make a weekend off it ;D ;D ;D
  7. Sounds good but might catch the wife and kids breaking into Centre Parcs (too close!) lol
  9. think theres 2 camp sites in clumber one car van club though :- (so many rules it would be like being in germany)
    i am not sneaking centre parks again last time i went there i ended up in a and e getting my head glued up
  11. I've finally thawed out!!!!
    great to see you all
    the boys enjoyed it despite the moaning about playing cricket.
    were up for cellebrating alex's birthday with his friends
    bek - now knows gas doesn't work in minus degrees. :cold:
  12. I use Propane jaffa bottle rather than Butane (blue)cos it woks at lower temps!
  13. Thanks everyone, had a great time. Sorry you're all left with the sound of crying two year old ringing in your ears! I also went back to bed for the afternoon ;D
    We now have a barney and two children fast asleep in record time while we wait for the tooth fairy to visit, it's a proper vw boy who loses his first tooth surrounded by so many late bays!
  14. It was good to meet everyone.

    We're are definitely interested in the 40th meetup in October.

    I think I managed to get everyone in on this photo.

  16. Deffinatly be up for the 40th, sounds like a plan :)
  18. 8)
  19. if its october though it needs to be early as i think we may be going visit a mouse in france at the end of october :thinking:
    just looked at clumber campsite and it says no caravans or motorhomes but if we ask we might get cos there s not going to be many tents in october
  20. 40th birthday camp etc sounds good, we're in ;D

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