More fun with dimensions - A post and B post inline?

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Nicolasticity, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. On the left side - run a straight edge along the sill between B & C post and the bottom of the A post is inline. (ie no gap)

    On the right side - run a straight edge along the sill between B & C post and bottom of A post is 7mm in (ie a gap to the straight edge)

    Pic shows how it was done.


    On the left side I moved the A post outward as the line of the A post turned in a bit much. This picture is before an adjustment


    This is the other side which is a very slight turn in (still a smaller turn in than the left side which is in line with the sill) which puts the A post 7mm in from the line of the sill.


    Which is right? Should A post be inline?
  2. I’d be going closer to near vertical straight, think about when the original panels were pressed, they would have unlikely added a turn in/ angle there, it’s probably worth offering wheelarches up at this point, as they’ve got to be set from the door line, which need to be set to the front panel as your critical starting point.

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  3. I think youre spot on. I measured the distance from the chassis to the downturned lip of the sill RHS and LHS of a van near me. It was 384mm on the RHS and 379mm on the LHS. Mine is nearer 390mm RHS where the sill and front don't align and 379mm on the LHS where they do line up.

    The wings don't look bad interestingly on either side as is.

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