Moonraker 2.0 ltr original automatic

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  1. Nothing really exceptional about Kevin our 1978 Moonraker. He was bought in 20o7 and was used as our wedding car in 2008. He is however a rare original 2.0 ltr automatic as my husband is disabled and we spent £500 having hand controls fitted to him and can be driven by both foot controls or hand controls (or both at the same time - not recommended!!) . A few years ago he had an reconditioned engine put in from Remtech (not sure of spelling) - didn’t really improve the power much but it does mean we can do a several hundred mile trip with little top up on oil as opposed to having to fill it up every 80 miles without fail before the new engine!!! Ten years ago we purchased a 1954 Westfalia Bremen trailer that was fully restored with the help of Rolf de cam ( not sure of spelling) who I was told has now sadly passed away. Ironically he used to own our trailer before he sold it to the people we bought it from who used it as a bedroom for their daughter!! Rolf was able to identify the trailer from the Id plate and sourced some original and reproduction parts for us from Europe as there is a bigger market there. The trailer was then painted white and yellow to match Kevin our camper and we named him perry. Sadly Rolf had already passed away before the trailer was finished so he was never able to see the finished project. I will at some point dig out some pictures of the trailer. So can only offer a picture of Kevin at the moment.

    We have been to many VW events in the U.K. and Europe. However, due to starting a family the camper hadn’t been used mush and just maintained. Now our daughter is a little older we are now doing weekend breaks, days out and last year did a 700 mile round trip to Holyhead . My daughter is loving the camper just as much as us!!

    Ok, enough waffling now!!

    Sorry can’t add pic of Kevin so you will just have to look at little one by my name !!
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  3. Ok, cheers
  4. F3443FE7-F27A-4745-A322-B744CC971561.jpeg
    F3443FE7-F27A-4745-A322-B744CC971561.jpeg F3443FE7-F27A-4745-A322-B744CC971561.jpeg
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  5. Looks nice :)
  6. Looks great! Wish mine was in the same condition!
  7. B33366B2-7D7F-4747-B8E3-DC75DF7E5180.jpeg 3B448372-B3EF-49AA-961A-436B9B8E7A20.jpeg 3B448372-B3EF-49AA-961A-436B9B8E7A20.jpeg 3B448372-B3EF-49AA-961A-436B9B8E7A20.jpeg 3B448372-B3EF-49AA-961A-436B9B8E7A20.jpeg 3B448372-B3EF-49AA-961A-436B9B8E7A20.jpeg
    Thanks guys. He had just had his winter wash before being covered!! Front of van is immaculate as £3000 spent on the front panel last year after someone pulled out in front of me on a roundabout and proclaimed they didn’t see me - a bright yellow camper bus! I mean!! Come on!! Anyway, done deal, the other party paid out and their car was sadly written off!! Thankfully a VW camper specialist was able to panel beat the front so we were able to keep the original panel . Front bumper wasn’t so lucky, that took most of the impact and had to be replaced. I’ve attached some pics . B33366B2-7D7F-4747-B8E3-DC75DF7E5180.jpeg
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  8. Sorry didn’t think one of the pics had attached so kept pressing on it and when it seemed to load realised they all had!!
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  9. Welcome from West Lancashire
  10. Nice bus, and as you've found out, Kids love camping:thumbsup:. We've had ours out in the garden the last two weekends as the kids missed sleeping in it so much:)
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  11. Thanks
  12. Great idea! Think we might try that too. Thanks
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