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  1. Hi - we have just got VW T2 1976 westfalia and it has this strange plug in the engine bay - just wondering what it might be for ? If it’s even needed ?

    thanks (sorry for stupid questions)


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  2. Looks like it's had an alarm fitted in there and that's the old wiring.
  3. Great - that would explain the rear hatch etc all having very bodged aftermarket looking door sensors

    also have a 3 position switch under the fuse box wondering if that is also related as doesn’t seem to do anything
  4. That switch could be some kind of immobiliser.
  5. From the verdigris, they managed to install it so the rain filled it up, probably tucked up the air vent.

    And I bet your bus stumbles and hesitates when you put your foot down. I can see the bracket and the plating on the non stock manifold suggesting a progressive carburettor..

    If it is, take a look at my progressive carburettor how to thread on this air, throttle cable linkage improvements..
  6. Hi @mikedjames have you got a link to the how to article - I was struggling to find them

    also I have a tow bar and electrics looks like they are just piggy clipped onto the light cables when I plug a 7 to 13 pin adapter in and then a Atera bike rack none of the lights work - I was going to replace with a 13 pin socket but will a newer bike rack work from piggy backed light connections?
  7. Thanks for all the great responses so far I will look to remove all this excess wiring over time

    I am hoping to take the engine out over the winter and give it a good once over
  8. Flux Capacitor?
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  9. That’s generally fitted in between the seats, although it could be a left over of the plutonium system which was fitted above the engine. Unfortunately there’s no real way to check whether the system is still operational as VW would never give it official status. Most owners simply get up to 88mph and see what happens. But you’ll need to find a very long straight hill for that. 88mph on the flat, complete fantasy.
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