Mite on Cheese

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  1. It’s what you get on truckles of cheese,after it’s wrapped in muslin and left to mature in a refrigerated store room….
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  2. But …can they survive a grilling ?

    What has Liz Truss got to say ? Are we importing these as 2 thirds of our national mites.? Gawd bless Therese Coffey she will sort it, even if it doesn’t need sorting :confused:
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  3. Do they call "that"..! Dancing
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  4. They mite….
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  5. :D
  6. Now you know why mature Cheddar is crunchy .
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  7. Acarus siro, or possibly Tyrophagus casei, I used to work with them, you can find them almost everywhere if you look hard enough...
  8. If you think that’s bad, Google “Casu Marzu” :eek:

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