Mighty Dub Fest, 12-14th June, Alnwick Castle Northumberland

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  1. I will be there with my rabble in the Angel VW Club camping bit (free North East club) - anyone else from here going to be there?
  2. I wouldn't mind going. Never managed to make it yet and its only just over 100 miles away.

    Missus has a hospital appointment in Newcastle on the friday so its only 35 miles further north.
  3. bernjb56

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    Went a couple of years ago before it moved. Would love to go to Alnwick but can't fit it in this year :(
  4. The old site was good but Alnwick should be even better as it overlooks the castle and you can walk into Alnwick easily which is a nice little town. I have only ever done full weekend camping and the best VWs are usually in the camping fields with the exception of those who can be bothered to move their pride and joy to the show and shine on Sunday.

    Weekend camping tickets are good value and I reckon its one of the best shows, better than Hareweood House IMHO so would be rude not to if in toon on Friday!
  5. I'm going with the wife and son.
  6. Missus is going to Newcastle with her mum so prob not gonna make it. :(
  7. Surely that's even better Zeb as you get a few nights to yourself!
  8. Thats not gonna happen. :(
  9. Heading off there tonight - any others from here making the trip up?
  10. No. :(
  11. I was there. Had a great time. Very relaxed atmosphere and loads of room.
  12. Fantastic views. Lord percy for a neighbour
  13. Two days of heavy drinking
  14. That looks like a great venue. :)
  15. Not many traders make it but the bands in the music tent are great. Very friendly relaxed show including the security staff. You can take your own drinks in the marquee as well :beer:

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