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  1. Good afternoon :)

    Long story short but I've been badly let down by a camper interior seller ... so I'm rethinking the fit out.

    As part of this I'm thinking of using some original rear seats with the optional bed mechanism to use as a full size bed and then units to fit around.

    Has anyone on here got pictures of the microbus seats fitted with the bed mechanism - so I can see what it is like as a seat (presumably normal) and raised as a bed.

    Any help appreciated


  2. Try the samba forum..
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  3. Thanks ... yep I've found a few pictures on there so understand how it fits together
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  5. Thanks ... I'm still deciding the way forward as reading on the samba you ideally need extra cushion base due to the seats being really uncomfy without ... storing that affects my OCD tidiness !
    I'll yell if I decide to go down this route as the hinges are rather expensive new
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  6. Rock and roll bed is far superior and you could always have that covered to look "standard"!
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  7. We have the z-bed in our microbus and it does need a top for sleeping - we bought a relatively thin air mattress, and it's comfortable enough. 5' wide bed is nice. There's someone on The Samba selling the extension pieces for the middle row seat, too, so that you can put the bed up with the middle seat in place. There's a video on YouTube of someone fitting one into a split, too, to give you an idea.
  8. I’ve this bed for sale
    It comes complete with cushion to go over the engine area and all sits level
    So no extra cushions or mattress toppers to store.
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