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  1. The bugger's only gone and got another job advertising Athletico Madrid, in Madrid, the day after Cadbury's, on Saturday :rolleyes:
    They've suggested a paid "chaperone" but I've let my passport lapse :mad:
    Time my Brother stepped up anyway!
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  2. Isn’t he getting a bit old for a kick-about ;)?
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  3. :rolleyes: ... or walking up a gentle slope even ... The "story" at the audition (often changes by the shoot) was he has to make a serious trek to see a new grandchild born in hospital, getting his present of the Athletico strip there before some other relatives do with the same present o_O
    Brother not able to go Madrid with him so here's hoping the chaperone isn't a condition
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  4. If you’re not there, he can hit the clubs without you cramping his style...
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  5. The words "shrinking" and "violet" come to mind ... The acting is something to hide behind
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  6. You've never seen his moves on the dance floor...
  7. I have! ...... only "traditional" stuff mind.
    Scarred for life.
    "THIS is my role model?!"
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  8. Pah! At least give us a spoiler alert next time! :mad:
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  9. I'm told any nudity is artistically valid.
  10. Not showing in the UK :)
  11. Has he considered doing a double-act with Maureen Lipman? That would be excellent :thumbsup:
  12. The Cadbury's job is with the daughter in law of Alfred Marks (remember him?) ... I was at primary school with his son (her husband) in the '60's!!
    Talk about "small world" :confused:
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  13. The prodigal has returned from Madrid with tales of filming until 2 am two nights running.
    Very happy bunny though as they gave him the VIP treatment ... Think there must be some kind of British-actors-are-the-best thing going on. It was the same in Greece two years ago.
    Hope I've got more than my fair share of his DNA!
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  14. He must be in demand since he got the Topsy and Tim gig :thumbsup:
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  15. I think it definitely made a difference ... It's all about getting seen by casting directors who then suggest cast to Directors and Clients.
    I'm hoping he'll bag a spot in a TV soap so he can travel to nearly Elstree instead of all this flying abroad and night shoots ... though he now has an Athletico shirt with "10" and his name on it. Better than a mug with "Queen Vic" or "Albert Square" on it. :rolleyes:
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  16. Keep an eye on him. It’ll be dope and hookers next. Always the way with fame.
  17. This just in via email:
    Soon to be seen on eBay har har
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  18. Is that him?
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  19. Lost a bit of weight lately :rolleyes:
    Has all the usual hang ups :cool:
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  20. Didn't boy George sing a song about him?

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