Metal heater tube.

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    Metal heater tube. Most stockists. £36. 3/10

    l had a customer come in with poor heating. It was quite evident what was missing. The heater pipe between front and Y pipes was missing. So off l go to the suppliers for the replacement. It's now metal. OK l say, I'll have one.

    If you have a full system minus the pipe it's awful. the fact this bus had a badly rusted Y pipe and a not so great front distributor box it proved quite useful because l was able to remake the missing rusted pipe from it. And with a few tweaks here and there with this metal pipe the bus went out with some heating.

    However if you are looking for just the pipe and your system is in good order but minus the original flexihose l would advise you NOT to go for this option. The Y pipe outlet is not circular. The distribution box it went into on this kombi was just as big as the pipe itself.

    This is what I'll be investigating the next time l have this kind of job it. Looks better to fit to than the metal tube. They offer 25mm-300mm.

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