Met a really lovely couple who drive this beautifully original devon

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  1. So got talking to Glenn and his wife (name has gone as my memory is going). But they were camping in this lovely Devon. They were such a nice , down to earth couple. And we got talking about the late bay and it turns out the Glenn is a dormant member of the group.
    So here's to welcoming them back @Glenn George and I thought I'd show you their van.
    Btw we were at a mad campsite at the barge inn pewsey.

    (Someone in a field took an upright piano!). [​IMG][​IMG]

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    Need pictures of the piano please :thumbsup:
  3. Thought that was our old van then. Til i remebered ours was a tintop, had westfalia louvre windows, had a spare wheel on the front. Same colour though.

    Hi @Glenn George

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