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  1. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.



    I've been into VW's for a number of years. Back in 2010 I had the idea of starting a dedicated site for post 72 bays so I gave fish a call and here we are! TLB. Those original members will tell you that pressing IT buttons is not my strong point and we've had some laughs along the way, my proudest moment was turning the forum dark brown with black wording, hence v2 was born.
    I'm proud that this is a well used site and i'd like to think it's something that all members can be proud of too.
    Like real life not everyone gets on all of the time so if you're unlucky (or lucky) we have the occasional popcorn moment but on the whole it's still doing what it was set up to do, provide help and advice. Enjoy


    Hi, I'm Fish AKA Doug and I have been into vws for most of my life. I hope I can be some help to the users as I work for my self and I'm willing to give advice and help on the forum.



    Got me a 73 devon which i've been doing up for 2 years so far, probably another 3 or 4 years to go ::)
    i love drinking, music and vw's. hope i can be of some help, even if its just getting smashed at shows



    I guess I should do the introduction piece ;)
    I'm Terrordales (sometimes Noddy) aka Don, & for some reason the powers that be deemed me a suitable person to become a moderator :eek:
    I'm the strange one who lives at the other end of the earth in Australia with the long suffering Ms.T & the 2 Airedales Stoney & Oliver.
    We've had the camper for about 7 years now. It's not my first van as I bought my first one back in 1972 (A 1954 barndoor splitty panel van) for the grand sum of $100.00.

    Here I am at Nimbin Mardigrass


    We've had our Aussie import called Wombat for about 5 years and I also have a '79 UK Pickup which you could call the Money Pit, but I call the Log Bus !
    We've had a great time on TLB and have met and camped with some great people over time. I'm one of the few people who's real name is in their username. I like hats :hattip:


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  2. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator


    I'm here to make coffee and clean up the mess the other mods make in the staff room.

    Hi. I am Malc a moderator on TLB. I have been in to VW's since the mid 70's. I bought my first one way back in 1978 from my wife's dad. It was a 1971 Danbury conversion. Lou and I along with our terrier 'Lady' travelled far and wide in her, from the south shores of Italy to the lake district of England. Along the way we have made many good friends far and wide.

    I joined the late bay back in 2010/11 after searching in vain for help with my bus resto. Rhubarb our bay, it turned out was not quite as solid as the ebay advert said, we needed help and TLB came to the rescue, in the way only TLB can, with fun and a spirit of bon ami. I have been indebted since and by being a mod hope to repay in some small way my gratitude.

    Rhubarb was a blast.

    our current van which is being restored gradually by moi as a rolling resto


    As a moderator on TLB I hope to continue the good vibe and join in with all the banter. I am not keen on bad language, homophobia, racism or bullying on a forum and will moderate accordingly. I do like to see a healthy general discussion area as this in my mind is the heartbeat of a good forum. I will continue and encourage this.

    My expertise in the aircooled is sufficient to help anyone get by, but my own personal passion is the different conversions to our buses and I have built up a bit of a knowledge of each conversion company. I am always willing to pass on any information I have, and also very happy to learn more.

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  3. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.


    I'm here to be the sensible clever moderator :) and to have a place to put photos of all the lovely and quirky, mainly French, vans that I love.

    I’ve had a number of campers over the years. The first one that started the addiction was a T25 which I loved. Since then I’ve had 3 T4’s, 1 T25 and 3 T2’s. I’ve loved them all.

    My current van is a VW T2 Landmark which has fab stripeage and a shag pile carpet.

    New boy MorkC68

    I left I came back because I’m bloody great I am


    Contrary to the belief of our beloved leader, I never asked or even considered being a moderator on here. In fact, I'm fairly sure I had a conversation with one of the long timers at TechEnders to that very end!
    I can only assume that they finally decided a mod that "says it how he sees it" was going to be a bonus for the forum and the gauntlet was thrown down. It wasn't a quick decision as I wondered how some people would take it; and the saying "poacher turned game keeper" was mentioned several times....
    I know there are people who desperately want to be moderators ;) so it really wasn't an easy decision.

    Anyway, I've had my bus for about 10 years now and its changed a fair bit since I bought it:

    In 2006 it looked like this:


    And was powered by this:

    1600 TP.JPG

    It now looks like this:


    And is powered by this:


    Hopefully the forum will continue to grow and I'll be watching the Sale ad sections to try and cut down on the number of crap adverts.


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  4. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.



    I always wanted to be a prefect at school but got turned down. This is the next best thing.
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