MDF- what is it good for?

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  1. Cutting some proper timber window boards and thinking about how Marmite MDF is.

    What is it actually any use for?
  2. I liken it to Richmond sausages - full of the floor sweepings that’s no good for anything else.
  3. Kids' school CDT projects
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  4. Poptop2

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    Rock n roll bed bases
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  5. Flooring in your loft
    Making router templates

    I think that's about it
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  6. Killing people...
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  7. Absolutely nothing!!, say it again now........
  8. To be fair, mdf skirting board isn't too bad - at least you don't need knot sealer
  9. I made a fantastic job of the window sill in my bay window ( house, not camper ;) ) but then had a slight leak through the window and ruined it. Proper wood from now on for me.
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  11. It does have its uses... it’s good for custom furniture of being painted or veneered, good for speaker enclosures and routing templates.

    The problem with the affordable softwood alternatives and even ply is that they are of such poor quality that mdf becomes the go to.

    That said, we are using a lot of accoya cladding on house projects at the moment and it is nice! Got some offcuts for a little home project :)
  12. Strangely, exterior grade MDF is used in super yachts for building cabins and head lining panels. I went on a tour of Discovery Yachts and their monster CNC milling machine was milling out MDF for hidden structures in their yachts.
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  13. My post was actually a take on a well known song Mike :thumbsup:
  14. You forgot to do the “Uuuh” bit...
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  15. @crossy2112 here you go....

    Uuuh M - D - F What is it good for absolutely nothing
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  16. Day


    Say it again....
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  17. Ah, that's a good use for it, however Baltic Birch Ply is even better, I have been told.
  18. I usually buy Tuscan ply from Waitrose.
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