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    The Bleeding Obvious according to Ms.T or Useless Facts About Obscure Musicians of The 60's & 70's.
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  2. Roxy music 1971- 79, history of Stamford bridge or only fools and horses the grandad years:thumbsup:
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    ‘The Sexual Perversions of Mastermind researchers, presenters and question setters years 2011 to present day that involved sheep’

    Be an interesting round.
  4. There's been no official announcement, but it's only a matter of time.
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  5. Have you read Sarah’s seminal work? : “Do Graded Grains Really Make Finer Flour? Half Truths And Disinformation In 70s Home Baking Advertisements”. Caused shock waves in the Flour world and no mistake.
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    Was he the manager,foreman or charge hand of the graders?
  7. Your starter for ten: on which record did the crunchy guitar version of “Revolution” appear?
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  8. My bro and I know every answer, to every question, ever!

    Go on... ask me something...
  9. Which bones in the human body have no name?
  10. Dung da da dung da da
  11. Is the bird really the word?
  12. In which year did England win the 1966 World Cup?

    No conferring.....
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  13. Which football club in Manchester doesn’t seem to win anything nowadays?
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  14. 1966 or was it 1968
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  15. Ha ha ha
  16. To the nearest ounce, exactly how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    C’mon....have to hurry you.....
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  17. 6 pund
  18. No.

    I can offer it....
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  19. Errrm that’s university challenge not mastermind bamber
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  20. Which London football club is financed entirely by the theft of Russia's national assets?
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