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Discussion in 'Norfolk' started by loudoo2, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. Flat net is cheating Silver, you wouldn't have been allowed that at the crabbing competition, you could scoop them up with a net, but only after they were clear of the water.
  2. Sadly best is the insides of soft crabs - canibals!
  3. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    It was too easy, both my kids had a net and it was a full time job emptying them. Best haul was my daughters with 12 crabs and 1 eel in the same net! There was 4 of us at the start, then a crowd formed and after a couple of hours there were nets on top of nets. We will definitely go back there:)
  4. we catch or hook real crabs in sussex:D
  5. puddle-jump

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    Manor farm is a good site. We stayed there last August - our first time in Norfolk. We would go back there but a camp site a little north from Cromer in Stifkey was our favourite.
  6. dog


    nice piccys, you picked the perfect weekend to visit with the weather and all!
    oh and it's gillying, not crabbing, that might be why you didn't catch any lol ;)
  7. North of Cromer is a little wet and salty for me.
  8. Manor farm is very good - we stayed for a week last year before moving on up to Stifkey. Now that was so much better! We were very glad we arranged it in that order otherwise we'd have been so disappointed with Cromer. Stifkey made us feel more in tune with nature with the mudflats bordering the campsite and the bird life. Crabbing was plentiful and swimming in the waterways was great, especially when the tide rolls in. It's the better stretch of Norfolk in my opinion.

    Next time we head for that part of the country it wil be directly to the site in Stifkey.

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