Malaga, Spain and vw buses

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  1. Hi all. We're heading over to Malaga later in the year and I was wondering if anyone knew of any Vw bus clubs, abandoned buses or any other classic vehicle related goodies near that area that I could take a look at. I've been in contact with a couple of event hire crowds that have buses to see if they have any ideas. So before I go googling mad I thought I ask the good people of TLB parish.

  2. Probably bit to far up fa you but 22nd sept is the Tossa de Mar aircooled show ,went couple of years back n it was quite good , some organised stuff and good campsites near by.
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  3. Ye tis a bit far up Barney. If I could find something like that down south that'd be perfect. Thanks
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  5. I sent them an email, just waiting for a reply. Cheers
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