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  1. Lol, none @zedders said it's a very inclusive group on here. Try and come's an awesome weekend aside from the techie stuff:thumbsup:
  2. Never dare touch anything electrical ...because it bites if you get it wrong and burns you when you get it wrong .
    When i was doing my apprenticeship on trucks we were never allowed to touch anything electrical , if we did we would get mega bollocked by the foreman or the electricians .

    There used to be a poster on the wall of the garage which used to say Don't Monkey With Electrics ...with a monkey holding a wire with it's head looking towards you with a look of what IF .
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  3. Techenders is a great day for folks that wish to learn jobs on there buses which they are not sure about ....way better than the haynes manual, as there are some experienced folk who can show you and be much clearer than pages of in the manual .
  4. Ha ha, I remember him. Richard I think his name was. Looked a bit like Catweazle, the early years :D
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  5. At least 3 years at college to get basic quals then a year to do advanced craft then another 2 years to HNC, regs exams approximately every 5 years .............. easy innit!
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  6. Btw - nowt personal. It’s just what tends to happen here.
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  7. Not taken personally , appreciate your input. After consideration of your post and others opting NOT to make purchase and, in due course, will be seeking a suitably competent sparky to undertake the work for me.

    Better safe than electrocuted !

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  8. Try and get to Techenders in Lutterworth in September if you can Paul. It'd be worth the commitment to drive up..
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  9. He was catsinthewelder or something similar - nice chap
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  10. @Baysearcer has never been a boy - he's always been a gurt big lummox
  11. Yep, that was the chap. He was as you say, a nice fella. He was telling us how he got a car free gratis and for nothing off of Freecycle ( don’t think it’s called that now ...). Think he had a grey primered Westy, but it was the one with the small turret pop top.
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  12. When I did an Electricity and Electronics O level we had to read the IEE Regs.
    I also know I have held live 240 volt mains wiring in my bare hands and put it down.. it doesnt hurt as much as the 600 volt anode supply on a QqV06-40 valve...

    Dont forget that its like the welding course I went on where the lecturer told us never to poke students with the red hot tip of the welding torch...she apologised and said it was standard spiel for 16 year olds.., the reason that college course takes several years is that it is attended by lads who want cars and a good time and sex, not a qualification.
    The girls could probably manage in a year...

    This is a beam tetrode valve- a push-pull amplifier. It melts at about 25 watts dissipation, they were used in suitcase sized boot mount Pye VHF Private Mobile Radio transcievers. The transmitter used valves and an inverter from 12 volts.
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  13. Fluent jibberish to me i`m afraid Mike :rolleyes:

  14. Wylex do some double pole rcbo’s that are cheaper than Double Pole MCB, so you could have a wylex enclosure, main switch and RCBO for a cheaper cost and still complies than some of the Kit’s on the market
  15. If all cabling is protected by double pole rcbos and any cables pass through proper glands then you have a better chance. Take a martindale mains tester and test hook ups. Mainly Uk sites have periodic tests and so do main sites abroad. Im lucky I can test our electrics with a tester. I really ought to do free tests at techenders so at least people can check the vans.
    If in doubt rcbo everything and visual check your external cabling for UV damage. I mean what can go wrong, metal van and electric on wet grass.

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  16. I fitted a 16A Legrande double-pole RCBO, as I only needed a socket supply. Smaller and much neater than an RCD and separate breakers :thumbsup:
  17. Wylex double pole rcbo are single module
  18. Looks like a decent bit of kit, as long as you take sensible precautions when using it, it'll be safe enough to use in your van. The physical principles of electrical safety have never changed, but the application of safety principles have.
    Idiots will always find a way to electrocute themselves.
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