Maggie and the North Coast 500

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    We are planning a trip round the NC 500 in Maggie our '74 1600TP, we have heard that some of the hills and braes on the route can be quite steep, has anyone else done this route in a 1600tp ? and if so how did the engine cope with the climbs?.
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    When are you going? Me and @Lardy and @MK Bay are all going round in August.

    I've asked basically the same questionà-or-pass-of-the-cattle.68193/
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  3. I did it a few years back in the daily and tent. Can't remember any massive hills, take it easy and it'll be fine.
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    Have a brilliant time. We're off as well on Friday but to Yorkshire this time.
  6. Pictures?:)

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