Lytham St Annes Campervan stopover point

Discussion in 'Lancs' started by Louey, Jan 18, 2019.

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    Lytham St Annes is a quiet alternative to the hustle, bustle and tackiness of Blackpool, yet is a short walk or drive away.

    The stopover point is one of only a few properly designated spots in the country for Motorhome/Campervans. As of January 2019 the charge is £5.30 for the night (includes free swim in YMCA pool) - if this is too steep then you can park along the road in front of the dunes for free.
    There is a great little cinema next to the car park (£4.50 per film), a Toby Carvery that does a good pint of Wainrights and fab massive Sundaes, a swimming pool, a small amusement arcade, the pier and a crazy golf all within shouting distance.

    The promenade and beach (okay, sand flats) are next to the parking too. You walk and cycle both north to Blackpool, Fleetwood and to the ferry across the river and south towards Lytham and the RSPB reserve.

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  2. Not been for years are the little power boats still on the lake for hire?
  3. Louey

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    Yes, but not in the winter :)
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    I was at the car show there last June during that hot weather - but didn't know that there was an overnight facility -thanks for the heads up - might be worth trying it sometime

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    Back at Lytham St Anne's again. The tide actually came in for the first time in the 10 or so times I've been. Found a crackin bakery and an Irish bar with some trad music.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

  7. We was dar earlier in dar year and you had just been .Twas funny but we should a been going this last week too but had to back out due to other commitments . Nice dar init :thumbsup: les :D
  8. That bakery’s not the pund one iszit ?
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  9. Louey

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    ... They do a great Bavarian slice

    The bakery is other side of road, they do massive eclairs

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    Back again there last week. They have four Aire Du Camping Car style overnight spots now.
    North Beach Car Park - access to the beach, usually quieter than others.
    North Promenade Car Park - 24hour toilets (40p!!!! or use a Radar key), right next to pier (chippy there), elsan toilet emptying facility £1
    Swimming Pool/ Lifeboat/Cinema Car Park - also next to Toby Carvery. Cinema is an independent (£4.99 per film).
    St Pauls Avenue Car Park - next to Fairehaven Lake. Halfway between Lytham and Lytham St Annes

    Most of the seafront between Lytham and St Annes is accessible - Kim used her mobility scooter between both with ease.

    They sometimes have Temprorary Holiday Sites (Camping and Caravan Club) at the posh school between the two towns.

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